In the Register of Associations of the Republic of Croatia, the following has been registered:


Name in English: LITTLE UNIVERSE

Company number: MB: 1631357

The Association was founded and operates as a non-profitable organisation.

Person authorised for representing the Association: Mirjana Matiša – President.

The main activity of the Association is spreading peace and love, work with children on promoting the idea of peace, love and tolerance, environment protection, healthy lifestyle and other activities from the Articles of Association.

Goals and activities of the Association from the Articles of Association:

The Association has been founded to achieve the following goals:

The Association shall realise the goals for which it has been founded through the following activities:


THE IDEA OF "LITTLE UNIVERSE" and explanation for founding

Children, grown-ups!

You probably want to know what is LITTLE UNIVERSE!? A seed from which the idea of Little Universe developed was planted in the distant 1989, in the book written by M. Matiša: "Encounter Spot - Earth". Read the short summary of the novel "Encounter Spot - Earth" and how the Spongers founded Little Universe:


The novel belongs to the science-fiction genre although its world isn't that of rough and unfeeling metals, alloys and lasers … This is a story about a group of children (Robby, Tommy, Zocky, Mrsha, Dida, Nusha, Bonny, Tilly and a little cat: Petunia), their adventures as well as their mutual relationships, attitudes towards their parents and adults in general. The children spend one summer in many misunderstandings, numerous witty conversations and funny situations.

The real and the interesting part begins when they found a group called "Spongers" and when they secretly visit an old coal mine and one part of the group was cut off from the rest of them and the outside world, while the others were able to get out and go home.

Those lost in the mine manage, however, to get through an airshaft. Wandering around and trying to find the way home they run into a cottage and get in. Suddenly, they find themselves in another space and time, with a "man", called Deyac, coming from the planet EYA. He came to Earth because of a certain task. He shows them the wonders of "space in space" and "time in time" and the kids experience many extraordinary things, together with a beautiful friendship which develops between Deyac and the children … When Deyac returns them back to their homes, he also "erases" a part of their memories connected with the events in the cottage and, consequently, a lot of misunderstandings arise among the Spongers.

Step by step, after some adventures, all the children find out everything. Towards the end of the book a humane idea and thought comes into existence, made both by Deyac and the children and it is the idea of protecting peace in the World, on Earth...

- So, you see the way we are. It's better for us not to know all this. I mean - adults and Earthlings in general - Zocky supported Bonny's view, while Bonny continued:

- We, the little ones, children and young people, should hate war from the bottom of our hearts. We should go to school, learn well and like sponges suck in new may become one country, so that all of us may be simply the citizens of the World … - Deyac was exhausted by trying to explain and because of the extreme desire for peace and order on Earth.

- And there are many children's problems, too - Tommy took part in this serious conversation.

- That's why the International Children's Emergency Fund - UNICEF was founded - Bonny added - We learnt about it this year. UNICEF was founded by a decree of the United Nations' General Assembly in 1946. UNICEF has long-term plans to help children in many fields.

It takes care of their standard of living, of the children's and mothers' health, of preventing diseases, of undernourished and hungry children, of the training of personnel that would cure and nurse sick children, of the production of medicines, antibiotics, vaccines, milk, clothes, shoes … - concluded Bonny. He said that as if he were at school, answering a lesson.

- But adults are in charge of that, they founded it…. Grown- ups should take care of children...

- It would be a good idea if children could be UNICEF!

- Yeah... We cannot be UNICEF any more, but ...

- We can be something else... something for children - came in Robby's suggestion.

- Something small? LITTLE?


- Little … little … little … LITTLE?

- Little "something"!

- Little SOMETHING? - it was again unclear and questionable for "little" Tommy.

- Something for all!

- On Earth!

- But in the Universe - Deyac defended his part of space.

- UNIVERSE! Yes, yes, that's...

- That's IT! - Tommy hurried to continue.

- Clever little Tommy's head! Yes, that's it: LITTLE...

- UNIVERSE! - as if Tommy competed with himself.

- LITTLE UNIVERSE - like a unanimous chorus uttered everyone present.

- So, Little Universe - Robby confirmed the unanimous decision - the members would be children and all those who feel so, who can still think in a child's way, feel that way, who can still recognise our problems and help us … But, the main members would be children. In every town and every school - Robby suggested, in an unusually mature manner.

- In that case, we could realise everything Deyac told us about peace - Zocky added.

- What do you, Deyac, say about his idea? - Bonny wondered.

- I like it. I find it good … One could fight down the idea of war at the very beginning. A child would become a member of LITTLE UNIVERSE by his birth. The idea of peacekeeping would grow and be implanted in their minds from childhood.

- Well, go ahead, it was your noble idea. Be the founders and make the opening ceremony of LITTLE UNIVERSE. - Deyac proposed.

- But how? - they all croaked out.

- Don't look at me - Deyac started to defend himself. I only proposed the founding, but the idea was yours, LITTLE UNIVERSE is yours … I'll be glad to help you in all possible and permitted ways, any time.

- Then, be the First Member of Honour!

- With pleasure, seriousness and responsibility.

- And what next... ?

Finally, they settled the matter. They stood in a circle, put their right arms around one another. For strength and harmony. They stretched their left arms from their hearts towards the middle of the circle. And high up. Like a torch of peace for all the children of the world and all citizens of the world. It was an invitation for peace, like the wings of the peace dove which carries the message spoken solemnly in half-whisper, but strongly:

Join your hands - the Children of the World!
Call for your right
to sleep
to wake up in peace.
let your
mothers, grandmas,
fathers and grandpas
promise you peace
and keep it so
when you grow up.
And you will keep it then,
you will give it again
to all the Children. To you, and you...
to all the Children of the World, too.

At this solemn moment Deyac also uttered these words full of meaning and responsibility. After all was quiet, he spoke again:

- And so, LITTLE UNIVERSE will be at work from this day on, you will be active and your friends, too. The children shall visit one another. The group will expand … Children travel abroad a lot today, they have friends in other countries … The conception of peace will spread by means of friendship and this is a good basis for peace and trust. So this idea will certainly rule the World through you, the youngest generation. It will rule the World and spread, include adults, the older and even the oldest ones. And if you succeed in this, the real peace won't be far from you … each of you must strictly develop friendship, freedom, trust, harmony, and solidarity for himself. But, I've talked too much... we've understood one another well and it was a useful meeting … but, I must be of some use at another place today, too. Bye, kids. See you tomorrow - and Deyac vanished as suddenly as he appeared.

And so the children founded their LITTLE UNIVERSE and together with Deyac they prevent a great catastrophe that was to happen to the entire Earth and Space … Deyac's noble and useful mission and a wonderful friendship with the Spongers comes to an end...


The most important messages of Little Universe are given in the poem DON'T GIVE UP and the short story IMPORTANT DECISION.


Don't give up
Don't let them deceive you
take away your childhood,
and cut it.
This debt the adults
can never
pay you back.

Don't let them deceive you
don't believe that being a child is
Hang tight and long
to your mother's side and fantasies,
to grow up fast is

Fly, fly, fly childhood,
let even the birds envy you.
Don't let the heights of life threaten, too.
Grow up carefree and slowly,
slowly, and let only the child live long
inside you.

M. Matiša


Because of the adults, and without the adults, the children of the World decided to leave the old, but still useful planet Earth. Deeply insulted, they didn't even want to ask any of the adults towards which star to head. The adults, as usual, didn't even care - so they would get along on their own. Alone, they'd find another suitable planet.

When they agreed all this one of the children suddenly said:- I need to take along my mum, to wipe my tears when I cry and to comfort me. The other grown-ups can stay.

Another small little girl said that she needs her daddy to tell he tales before going to bed. Other grown ups are not necessary to her.

One tiny, smart little head said:- I love my mummy and daddy. I can't be without them. They must go with me. I'm not interested in the other grown ups!

Shortly, all the desires could hardly be heard of the great noise that arose.
- I want my big brother. He always protects me!
- I must have my granny! She's the only one that takes care of me.

After a while, no one could be heard from the noise. And so the attempt to leave planet Earth failed! However, the "little" group made an important decision...

They decided to establish schools, and if necessary universities, where the adults would be able to learn, for a long time learn:
how to love and respect - children.Mirjana Matiša



Children, grown-ups!

Do you want the ideas of Little Universe to become real, that the children of our small, big country Croatia be the carriers (and grown-ups the supporters) and to found Little Universe? Actually, it has already been founded. The question should be:

Would you like to become a member of LITTLE UNIVERSE??

In every child there lives a future parent, grandparent... Always: children and grown-ups TOGETHER.
If the spirit of Little Universe lives inside of you


If you wish is to become a member of Little Universe, we are open for all the children of the World. All the World and all the Universe need peace.



We are all one being, one soul, one heart. However, the difference in age does not allow us to participate, nor to be engaged in all Association activities, equally.

So, in order to achieve better communication, we suggest the following groups:


For now we suggest that the Members of Honour be: all the Spongers and Deyac.


You'll find all the members of Little Universe on page: LIST OF MEMBERS


To become a member of Little Universe, you have to send a MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM.

If you want to become a member of the LITTLE UNIVERSE just fill in and send the application form.


for membership in the Association LITTLE UNIVERSE

(information only for the Association)

  1. Name:
  2. Surname:
  3. Name of company, association with address, name of responsible person: (other information in 7 and 9)
  4. Date of birth:
  5. Place of residence / zip code:
  6. Address (street and number):
  7. Country:
  8. Who handed in the application form for you? (by yourself, parents, guardians)
  9. Contacts:
    • telephone:
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    • mobile phone:
    • e-mail:
  10. Why are you becoming a member of the Association? (in brief)
  11. Would you like to be on the disclosed List of Association Members?
  12. Would you like to communicate in writing?

You can send the APPLICATION FORM

The Association would appreciate if you spread the Internet address of the Association both within and outside the borders of our country, to expand the activities of the Association and to extend our mutual connections.

Together, we are stronger and together we are a LITTLE UNIVERSE on the BIG UNIVERSE.

Membership in the Association lasts as long as the member wishes.


The annual membership fee for Croatia:

Payments should be made to the foreign-account of the Association, opened at Podravska banka d.d., Koprivnica:

Foreign account: SWIFT CODE: PDKCHR2X

Acc. 710-0760-1100312989

Podravska banka d.d., Koprivnica, Croatia

Each member shall receive an Association membership badge – with his name and surname (or company, association, … name).

Postage for sending the membership badge is included in the membership fee.

The membership fee for members outside Croatia:

Payments of the membership fee should be made to the foreign account of the Association.



The list contains information for which the members have given their permission to be published.

If you wish to contact someone from the list, please contact the Association first.

We shall forward the information necessary for contact to your address upon receiving permission from the member.





Each being, each member of Little Universe is a little world, a small universe in himself.
Let's find and keep peace and love inside us, in our inner world and universe.
What we have ourselves is what we can share and give to others.
And everyone needs peace, love and light. And the more you give, the more there is. It all grows and multiples by sharing.

To each member, to all members

We are peace, love and light without any restrictions.
Nothing can limit us, neither space nor time.
We spread peace and love to our friends and the ones next to us but also to the far away places of another continent.
Transmit good thoughts, feelings, and even words - like words of your personal prayer.
Spread kindness, love and good deeds.
Good deeds made now, today, cause a chain reaction of good deeds and progress to the whole planet Earth and to the Universe.
Spread the idea of Little Universe to your friends, relatives, neighbours, clasmates, to another town, to another country. To every corner of the World and the Universe.






we are preparing: OPEN CONVERSATIONS




  • lower primary grades
  • higher primary grades
  • secondary school students

Join us! Together we choose our topics and schedule!

They can be:

  • self-confidence,
  • self-organisation,
  • forgiveness,
  • loss of dear person,
  • separation of parents,
  • loneliness,
  • diet,
  • relationship with adults,
  • mutual relationships,
  • depression,
  • love,
  • indigo children, ...
  • In the process of being established: Internet Review of the Association Little Universe: ZUM-ZUM
  • We are starting an Internet Shop of the Association: ZUM-ZUM SHOP


    Students, parents and schools:

    • primary schools:
      • O.Š. A.N. Gostovinski
      • O.Š. Braće Radić
      • O.Š. Đuro Ester
      • O.Š. Drnje
      • O.Š. Đelekovec
      • O.Š. Hlebine
      • O.Š. Koprivnički Bregi
      • O.Š. Legrad
      • O.Š. Virje
      • O.Š. Peteranec
      • O.Š. Sigetec
      • O.Š. Vinica
    • secondary schools:
      • grammar school "Fran Galović"
      • crafts school "Obrtnička škola"
      • secondary school "Srednja škola"

    who participated in the joint activities of the Association Little Universe at the end of 2003 and beginning of 2004 and generously, with love and understanding, all together helped and supported (in material or financial terms):

    • BRAVE PHONE 0800 0800,
    • Social Welfare Institute, Koprivnica,
    • Children's ward of the General Hospital Koprivnica,
    • Children's Home in Nazorova, Zagreb,
    • Home for abandoned children and mothers, Savica, Zagreb
    • SOS children's village Lekenik,
    • SOS children's village Ladimirevci.

    THANK YOU ALL and we look forward to our future activities.

    Association Little Universe



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