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The author supplements her artistic inspiration with visual art.


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From the catalogues

"One can feel in these 'nocturnal works' the glowing of fantasy, a certain sharpened power of perception, the mining in the golden artery of childhood, a child's open eye and heart which reflect a fluffy universe seen through the clock of dandelion. This is a well- known artist's 'sentimental debt', a return to some far-away beginning." B. Jelušić, catalogue, 1981

"Clay, as genuine and sophisticated material, in her hands has some traits of a tireless explorer who honestly follows her own verve, a refined feeling for little forms and her fingers that can create astonishment and variations, ever-new and tiny pictures in the chain of already family-bound stylistic rings." J. Turković, catalogue, 1981

Introduction to the catalogue ( 1990 ):


Mirjana Matiša , began her artistic career in the '70s painting with oil on glass and on the ground of her works she is considered as belonging to the Fourth Generation of the Hlebine School of Naive Artists. Afterwards she tried her skill att ceramic sculpture creating and modelling very interesting "environmental" murals.

During the last year she was being challenged by drawing techniques, namely by pastel drawing.During a short period of time her skillful and hard-working hands have created a collection containing about thirty drawings-paintings that clearly depict her new formed stylistic guidelines.

In her artistic fantasies she makes a break in the countryside and its different forms. A meadow, a flower-garden and forests are the common places where her mind wanders searching for repose and dream. Preparing the "pointillistic" technique of laying painted powder and by variegated spots thus created she achieves a merry game of flickering and lively colours and forms. The space in her paintings is covered alternately by soft and sharp-flickering brush-strokes to its fullness which in turn creates a harmonious rhythm inside the whole composition. A predilection for the contemplative is particularly expressed in her still natures. Vases full of variegated flowers are shrouded in 'metaphysically' purified, dark and blank walls of the room. A beam of light is getting through a run-down window or a candle-light. Contrasting the cold and . blank surrounding with the reflection of central motifs tinges, a magic play is underway. It is the world of colours and forms that Mirjana's artistic mind lives and creates in, ever again ready for many new challenges and struggles in the context of numerous artistic ways of expression. V. Bobnjarić-Vučković, catalogue, 1990