BIOGRAPHY - very short and general

Mirjana Matiša founded and is first president of the Association "Little Universe".

Mirjana Matiša was born on 6 December 1944 in Koprivnica. She graduated Mathematics at the Faculty of Science in Zagreb. She lives and works in Koprivnica.

As a writer, she is member of the Croatian Writer's Guild for children and young people (First Writer's Club) and the Croatian Free-lance Artists Union, and as painter and sculptor, member of the Croatian Society of Naive Artists, which operates through the gallery "Mirko Virius" in Zagreb.

Mirjana Matiša attended elementary school in Hlebine, during the time when Croatian naive art was flourishing. Therefore, that period left a mark in her artistic expression. She began painting on glass, in the meantime continued with successful attempts in ceramics and ceramic sculpture and now, works mostly in the pastel technique. She also illustrated her book on ants.

Her first book was published in 1985. Since then, up to 2005 – in 20 years – her literate creativity can be expressed in the following numbers:

4 picture books for children; 5 collections of poetry for children and adults (in Croatian, Croatian/German and Croatian/German/English); 5 novels for children and young people; one picture book in the form of leaflets for pre-school children; and a short animated film "Bubika", made according to her novel and screenplay. She has also written 2 screenplays for feature films according to her novels.

Mirjana Matiša also writes for various children's magazines, newspapers, collections, periodicals and for the radio. Many of her texts have been set to music.

She has received many awards: from an awarded collection of poetry, an award for best verse at the IX Recital of New Kajkavian Poetry (1986), up to the nomination for the Croatian literate award "Mato Lovrak" – for children's novel.

Her book: Pearl Stories (365 + one bed time story) is to be published.